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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wake Up with Spring Writing Contests

Okay writers - February is drawing to a close and March is nipping at our heels. Let's follow the words of Doug Larson, "Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush," and seize this great moment of renewal to pour some new energy into our writing. Look at the contests below and find something that resonates with you, and then find another one and another one. Submit again and again and you may find that all of your efforts now continue to feed you as winter dies and life is born again. 

The Southeast Review - The World's Best Short Story Contest - Fee:$15 - Deadline: March 15th

Arts and Letters Short Story Competition - Fee:$15 - Deadline: March 15th

Gulf Coast Contest for Poetry, Fiction and Nonfiction - Fee:$23 - Deadline: March 15th

Fish Publishing One Page Flash Fiction Contest - Fee:$14 - Deadline: March 20th

The Pinch Literary Awards in Fiction and Poetry - Fee:$20 - Deadline: March 15th 

Ninth Annual Glass Woman Prize for Short Fiction of Creative Nonfiction by a Woman - Fee:Free - Deadline: March 21st

Narrative Magazine Winter 2011 Story Contest - Fee:$20 - Deadline: March 31st

Grain Magazine's Annual Short Writing Contest - Fee:$40 - Deadline: April 1st

The Gemini Magazine Short Story Competition - Fee:$4 - Deadline: March 31st

Personal Essay/Creative Nonfiction Contest - Fee:$10 - Deadline: April 15th

GCWA's Let's Write Literary Contest - Fee$8 - Deadline: April 15th

My First Car Contest - Fee: Free - Deadline: March 4th